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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cardinal Ranjith in Hanover

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

A visitor from the Vatican is in Hanover to celebrate Sunday mass.

A special visitor from the Vatican is in Hanover.

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has flown in from the Vatican to celebrate mass Sunday morning at Holy Family Catholic Parish.

Local Pastor Father Merv Perera calls this a rare treat.

This is the first time a Cardinal has ever visited the Hamilton Dioceses, let alone Hanover.

Perera is an old friend of Cardinal Ranjith, they went to the seminar together in Sri Lanka.

He calls it quite an honour to have an ambassador of the Pope visit Holy Family Parish.

The Cardinal will deliver a personal message from Pope Benedict to the people of Hanover as well as the entire Hamilton Diocese.

Cardinal Ranjith will also head to the Christ the King Cathedral in Hamilton to celebrate Sunday Mass there with local bishops.

Then he's off to Washington, D-C and New York before heading back to the Vatican.


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