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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Say No to Energy Drinks

Goderich | by Dianne Colgan  

Huron Health Unit worried about energy drinks and their effect on children.

The Huron County Health Unit is worried about energy drinks and their effect on children.

Public Health Manager Sherri Preszcator says they're also worried about the popularity of mixing energy drinks with alcohol.

Preszcator says Health Canada does not recommend energy drinks for children and youth, yet most of the marketing and advertising campaigns around the products are targeting that demographic.

She says there are so many different bodies involved in the regulations for energy drinks that its very difficult to have an influence on keeping them away from youth and children.

She says there's also a false conception that energy drinks are taking the place of healthy things like water and milk, and they're being marketed in the same way as sports drinks, but with none of the benefits.

Preszcator points out the pre-mixed energy drinks with alcohol that are sold at the LCBO are also a huge problem, because the caffeine mixed with alcohol tricks your body into thinking you can drink more.

She says the health unit is working to raise awareness about what actually goes into energy drinks and push for stronger legislation regarding the advertising and sale of mixed alcoholic beverages.


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