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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Staff for Davidson Centre

Kincardine | by John Divinski  

Kincardine Recreation Director seeks staff to help with high demand at Davidson Centre.

As the Davidson Centre in Kincardine gets bigger with recent additions, the staff there isn't and that could create a safety problem.

Kincardine Recreation Director Karen Kieffer has asked for approval to hire more casual labour.

Kieffer says she could use 4 or 5 more workers, at least on call should they be needed during busy times at the centre.

Kincardine councillor Candy Hewitt is a frequent user of the centre through hockey activities.

She says it's not right that there be only one staff member on duty at night when the Centre appears to be at its busiest while there are several staff members on during regular hours in the daytime.

Hewitt suggests as the new additions are opened up, it could become a safety hazard to have just one person reponsible for the entire centre.

Hewitt says the staff allotment should be weighted to reflect the number of people using the centre at any given time.

That could mean more staff on during the evening hours and weekends.


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