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Friday, May 27, 2011

Big Turnout for Turbine Rally

Seaforth | by Travis Pedwell  

Almost 300 people showed up at Seaforth to voice opposition to wind turbines.

A rally of between 200 and 300 people showed up at the Seaforth Community Centre in protest of turbine projects in the area.

Member of Huron East Against Turbines Robert Tetu called the tractor rally on Thursday night "outstanding."

He says the amount of support received just goes to show the community doesn't want wind farms.

Tetu tells Bayshore Broadcasting News among other things residents are afraid of health problems, and their property values dropping.

Tetu says they are sick and tired of being treated like second class citizens.

Tetu notes companies are making a lot of money on people that live in rural areas.

He says St. Columban energy and the developer are from Calgary Alberta.

Overall Tetu believes the amount of support is great for Huron East.

He says they were hoping for 20 tractors and 50 showed up to brave the cold.

Tetu says his biggest concern with wind turbines are the health effects.

He says there has been no study on the stray voltage, low frequency noise, shadow flicker, and audible noise.

Tetu says he's not in favour of coal but it's a better idea than turbines.

He tells us coal health effects are blown out of proportion.

He adds if they scrubbed the coal plants - it wouldn't be as bad.

Tetu tells us if the government has to have turbines - put them farther away from residents.

HEAT has a petition against turbines with the signatures of those that showed up for the protest rally.

Tetu says they will be presenting it to Carol Mitchell, John Wilkinson and try to present it to Dalton McGuinty.


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