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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Local MP's Sworn In

Huron Bruce | by Peter Jackson  

Conservatives Larry Miller and Ben Lobb are to be sworn in for their new term on Parliment Hill

MP's including local Conservatives Ben Lobb and Larry Miller will be sworn in for their new term on Parliament Hill tomorrow amid historic changes.

For the first time in Canadian history the New Democratic Party will form the Official Opposition with the Liberals relegated to third-party status in the Commons.

Parliament resumes on June 2nd -- and in preparation for the nation's business to resume -- Prime Minister Harper has given the federal Cabinet a significant makeover.

Even with the infusion of new faces in the Tory inner-circle Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Defence Minister Peter MacKay are staying in their portfolios.

Lobb believes the Conservatives need to build on the political foundations laid by Flaherty and MacKay.

He calls Flaherty and MacKay rock-solid cabinet ministers well-known to Canadians for producing results.

Lobb says Finance and Defence are two of the most important portfolios in Cabinet and it's important to have Flaherty and MacKay continue to pursue their work.

Lobb tags Quebec MP Stephen Blaney as a potential rising star in the Harper Cabinet.

Blaney is a bilingual engineer who has been named Veterans' Affairs Minister.

Of the five Conservative MPs elected in Quebec, four have been elevated to Cabinet including Maxime Bernier who stages a return after a three-year absence.

Lobb is convinced the Prime Minister has put together a Cabinet that will promote and advance the Conservative agenda well.

He says the Cabinet has to work in the interests of all Canadians and that the mix of veterans and rookies provides a good balance of new ideas and sound judgement.

The Harper Cabinet is the largest since the Mulroney years of the 1980's and early '90's with 39 members.

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