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Monday, May 23, 2011

Image Committee Funding Restored

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Council has rescinded a motion that cut from the Walkerton Image Committee's budget.

Brockton Council has rescinded an early motion that cut 29 hundred dollars from the Walkerton Image Committee's budget.

Walkerton's Image Committee will be able to keep its 19 thousand dollar budget.

This after the Image Committee threatened to disband if the dollars weren't returned.

Councillor Anne Louise Gibbons opposed the move, saying she doesn't respond to bully tactics.

Committee Chair Neil Kirstine says their motion was to open Council's eyes to all of the good work the Image Committee does for Walkerton.

Over the last decade the Image Committee has initiated a number of projects, from the downtown fa├žade project to the farmer's market and the Busker's Festival.

Kirstine notes the projects continue to grow, but the funding from Council decreases.

At one point, the Image Committee received 50 thousand dollars a year in funding.

Kirstine says it is very disheartening to their volunteers to continue to have their funding cut while they donate countless hours to the cause.

Along with restoring the Committee's funding, Council has also pledged an annual grant of 19 thousand dollars to the Image Committee over the next four years.

Kirstine says that will provide the Image Committee with much needed funding stability.


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