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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Piping Plovers in Wasaga

Wasaga Beach | by Mariane McLeod  

Fences going up to protect endangered Plovers who have returned to Wasaga Beach.

The fences are going up at Beach Area 1 in Wasaga Beach to protect the endangered birds that have returned to the area to nest.

The Piping Plover is considered a species at risk in the Great Lakes.

Over the last three years, the plovers have made nests at Beach 1, with varying degrees of success.

Since they winter in the Gulf of Mexico, there was concern the huge oil spill last year would have  a negative impact on them.

But several birds arrived at the beach in the last few days, and are apparently in the process of choosing their mates.

The fences will remain up until any chicks hatch and fledge.


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