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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bayshore Broadcasting at Wasaga Council

Wasaga Beach | by Phil Birchard  

Owner tells Councillors location change won't change coverage

A mixed reaction from town councillors when Bayshore Broadcasting made a presentation about the change in location for the studios of 97.7 The Beach.

Owner Doug Caldwell began the presentation by telling councillors the history of his company.

He then stressed how important the station has been in the past, and how important it will continue to be in Wasaga Beach.

Council was also told about community initiatives undertaken by 97.7, including Bayshore's Healthy Tomorrow's, which has involved 8 hospitals to date. Caldwell was also joined by Ross Kentner, who told all of council that Bayshore wants to work together with them to increase tourism in Wasaga Beach, promote real estate, among other initiatives.

But not all of council was happy.

Mayor Cal Patterson, along with Councillor Stan Wells expressed their disappointment, with Wells saying that council was never approached by the station, and told they were looking to get a larger building.

Deputy Mayor David Foster said that he'll have to take Bayshore Broadcasting on their word, warning they better not change their name, and local focus in Wasaga Beach "because we'll be listening".

Patterson also told the deputation that they shouldn't expect to get any letters of support from the town in the future.

Caldwell also admitted they should have approached council first, before making a decision on purchasing property.


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