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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pay Raise in Saugeen Shores

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

Saugeen Shores Council approves raise for members, staff and board members.

Saugeen Shores elected officials are getting a 2.5 per cent stipend increase, retroactive to January 1st this year.

Councillors voted themselves the raise, along with non-union full time and part time employees such as workers at the community pool, the Saugeen Shores Medical Building; volunteer firefighters; and members of the Police service board and the Planning advisory committee.

Vice-Deputy Mayor Doug Gowanlock who voted in favour of the increase says they've been getting the cost of living increase each year for the past 12 years when they did a huge costly study on council renumeration.

He says at the time it was decided it was cheaper just to go with the cost of living increase rather than doing studies.

Deputy Mayor Luke Charbonneau doesn't agree with the increase at least for councillors.

He says they were just elected last October and here it is six months later and they're getting a raise.

Charbonneau says he can understand the cost of living increase for other workers who use the salary as their prime source of income.

Elected personnel are paid a stipend -- not a salary and should be treated differently.

Councillor Thead Seaman agrees -- so much so that he plans to present to council a motion that will call for another in-depth independent study of what election officials should be paid.


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