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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two Options for Schools

Hanover - Chesley | by Robyn Garvey  

ARC has two options for schools in Hanover and Chesley, Kinghurst would close.

It's been five months and many meetings -- but the Accommodation Review Committee has made a recommendation about schools in Hanover and Chesley.

In fact -- they made two recommendations to Bluewater school trustees after more than four hours of debate at Monday night's meeting.

The first involves a new J-K to Grade 12 school in Hanover while Chesley District would also convert to J-K to Grade 12 and Dawnview and Kinghurst schools would close.

The other involves a new District High School that would combine Hanover and Chesley students while Chesley District, Dawnview and Hanover Heights would become elementary schools and Kinghurst would close.

Chair Salim Shaw admits it would have been nice to have one clear option to take to the Bluewater School Board but says that type of consensus was not going to happen.

In order to have a majority vote, 10 of the 15 members must vote in favour of one option.

In the end 9 members voted for the first option and six for the second option.

It was agreed that these two top options would be recommended to Bluewater Trustees.

About 100 people attended the meeting and while some walked away satisfied -- others left frustrated that a final option was not chosen.

The two options will now be sent to the Bluewater District School Board.

Trustees are expected to make a final decision in mid October.


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