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Monday, May 9, 2011

Keep Farming in Classroom

Grey Bruce | by John Divinski  

Farmers want to keep agricultural teaching as part of curriculum in Grey Bruce.

If you happen to have a 2011 Faces of Farming calendar, you'll notice this month features sisters Jen Legge of Chesley and Amy Trelford of Paisley.

Legge took advantage of "her month" to address the Bluewater District School Board recently about how education plays into the future of farming.

She referred to ARC meetings of the future that could see the closure of small community schools.

She says it's time for farmers to speak up about the potential closures of schools in rural communities.

Legge says it could have disastrous results for farmers who are not in a position to follow the schools to bigger centres.

She says learning institutions need to start in the primary grades, teaching about farming and the agriculture business.

Legge says the assumption that sons and daughters will take over the family farm when parents decide to retire just isn't happening.

She says with today's economy that practice has stalled and it's time to re-interest young people in farming.

Legge pointed out that the average age of a farmer in our region is 52 and it's a scary situation.

She says most of the older farmers want to retire but there's no one to take over the land.

She says it will have disastrous effects in the next two decades if education facilities don't step up to the plate to encourage young people to enter the farming industry.


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