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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Georgian Triangle Spring Trout Derby Results

Collingwood | by Bayshore News Staff  

31st Annual Event Wraps Up Saturday

from Rick Baldry,



                       Heaviest Rainbow Trout

  1st Dean Yovanovich               Beaver River            11.58lbs
  2nd Chris Calder                        Batteaux                    8.00lbs
  3rd Chris Yates                         Colpoys Bay              7.95lbs
  4th Harry Papathanassiou         Beaver river               7.42lbs
  5th Chris Calberry                    Batteaux                     6.94lbs
  6th Andrew Armstrong      Owen Sound Harbour       6.81lbs    
  7th Dean Yovanovich              Bighead river              6.78lbs
  8th Dave Mather                      Pretty River                 6.72lbs 
  9th Adam Lamb                          Notty                        6.72lbs
  10th Dave Mather                    Pretty River                 6.10lbs



  1st Brad Kingston                          Owen Sound                     5.20lbs     

                         Big Fish of the Day

   Fri, April 22nd - No fish
   Sat, April 23rd - Harry Papathanassiou                                   7.42lbs
   Sun, April 24th - Paul Bryce                                                    5.81lbs
   Mon, April 25th - Blaine Paquet                                              5.48lbs
   Tues, April 26th - Chris Calberry                                            6.94lbs
   Wed, April 27th - Dean Yovanovich                                       6.78lbs                       
   Thur, April 28th - John Baldry                                                 6.00lbs
   Fri, April 29th - Dean Yovanovich                                         11.58lbs
   Sat, April 30th - Dave Mather                                                  4.98lbs
   Sun, May 1st - Zack Mather                                                     5.58lbs
   Mon, May 2nd -Andrew Armstrong                                         6.81lbs
   Tues, May 3rd - Mike Yoshimoto                                            5.88lbs


Tuesday started out nice but quickly went south. We had a late arriving entry on Monday night by Adam Lamb a 6.72 lb rainbow it is our 9th place fish. Mike Yoshimoto caught a 5.88lb rainbow to win big fish of the day. I hope Wednesday is a nicer day. Derby tickets are still available.

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