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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Protests at Mitchell Office

Regional | by Robyn Garvey  

OPSEU plans protests at Clinton and Kincardine MPP offices to oppose jail closures.

There will be protests at 12 Noon on Friday  at Huron Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell's offices in Kincardine and Clinton.

OPSEU is demonstrating to fight the planned closure of the jails in Walkerton and Owen Sound.

Brockton Council is also running a campaign to save the Walkerton and Owen Sound jails.

The municipality has taken out a full page ad in this week's local Walkerton paper.

It lists the names and phone numbers of several politicians including MPP Carol Mitchell, various cabinet ministers and the Premier himself.

Councillor Chris Peabody urges residents to get on the phone and voice their outrage concerning the planned jail closures.

He encourages residents to make those calls, and make then often.

Peabody says the politicians need to get the message that the jail closures will have a detrimental impact on the local communities.

In Walkerton alone, he says the jail closure will mean the loss of 40 jobs.

Peabody says probation officers will also lose their jobs and inmates will have to travel great distances to serve their time.

Peabody compares it to having three million dollars sucked out of the Walkerton economy in just a few short months.

Although the Walkerton jail is not slated for closure until December -- Peabody has been told staff will be leaving by the end of August.


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