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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Options for Kincardine Schools

Kincardine | by John Divinski  

ARC will give two recommendations to Bluewater Board of Education.

It looks like the Kincardine school Accommodation Review Committee is going to give the board two recommendations on the future of its schools.

It was then the committee decided to recommend the three school option with Elgin Market being French immersion; Kincardine Township Tiverton (KTTPS) being junior kindergarten to grade 3 and Huron Heights being grades four to eight.

Their second choice was to close Elgin Market and make KTTPS a junior school and Huron Heights a senior school--both with French and English classes.

Many at the last public meeting of the committee do not want a French immersion school at Elgin Market.

Kincardine resident Tiffany Rutledge teaches senior kindergarten French immersion, part time and has a daughter taking French in grade one.

She says a totally French school will isolate some children from their peers which could have harmful effects.

Kincardine resident Evelyn Venner agrees.

She says she shouldn't have to make a choice between her child's social and emotional development or learning a second language.

Venner says segregation is not the answer and does not take the children's educational needs into account.

The committee's final report will be ready by May 18th with a presentation to the board on June 7th likely with two recommendations.

The board of education has set October 18th as the date for a final decision from them.


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