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Friday, April 22, 2011

Wind Turbine Support

Kincardine | by John Divinski  

Area farmer Jutta Splettstoesser is among many supporters of wind turbines.

There's no logic in re-inventing the wheel time and time again.

So says Bervie area farmer Jutta Splettstoesser, who addressed Kincardine Council this week in favour of the development of wind turbines.

In a prepared statement, Splettstoesser said most people in this area support wind energy development but it's the minority anti-turbine group that is making the most noise.

She says the discussion has become too one-sided.

She points to a survey conducted by Ipsos Reid in June of last year that says nine in ten people support the production of wind energy in their region of Ontario.

Splettstoesser says she will present a petition soon showing there is support for the industry.

She says Kincardine council's new policy on wind development virtually eliminates any further development because of the 800-meter set back from homes, rather than the provincially approved 550-meters.

She calls wind energy development a win-win for everyone.

Splettstoesser says the municipality's tax base increases, the industry creates jobs and it's a long term commitment.

On the health concerns noted by the other side, she says tests have shown there are no health effects from the turbines.

Splettstoesser and her husband have been negotiating to have a turbine installed on their property.


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