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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hefty Tax Bill In Kincardine

Kincardine | by John Divinski  

Kincardine Council reluctantly approves 2011 budget with 12 per cent tax increase.

Kincardine taxpayers -- better sit down for this one.

The tax rate is going up a whopping 12 per cent.

Kincardine Treasurer Brenda Booth says on an average assessed home of 196 thousand dollars -- the tax hike will be 90 dollars in addition to the education and Bruce County levies.

In a recorded vote, Councillor Mike Leggett voted against the budget saying the increase should have been more.

He would have like to have seen a 15 per cent increase.

Mayor Larry Kraemer says he's satisfied with the work that was done on the budget even though he would like to have seen a 19 per cent hike to eliminate the problem of playing catch-up in the operating budget.

Kraemer says they couldn't go on depending on the reserves to beef up the operating budget.

Councillor Maureen Couture presented the motion to set the budget at 12 per cent but she said she wasn't happy doing so.

Couture says it was necessary because of the loss of senior government revenues and to get the municipality's operating budget back on a sustainable footing.

In a recorded vote, Couture, Ken Craig, Jacquie Faubert, Candy Hewitt and Mayor Larry Kraemer said yes to the hike.

Ron Coristine, who was looking at a 30 per cent increase voted no.

Deputy Mayor Anne Eadie wanted a single digit increase and voted no.

Councillor Mike Leggett was the other dissenting vote.

Taxpayers will feel the pinch in the September and December tax bills.


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