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Monday, March 28, 2011

Brockton Joins School Fight

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Brockton will support neighbours to save Chesley District High School.

Brockton is joining the fight to save the Chesley District High School.

At the request of the Save Our School Committee -- Mayor Dave Inglis has agreed to speak out against any possible plans to close Chesley District High School at the next ARC meeting on March 29th.

Inglis says the high school serves as the back bone of the small community -- and to lose it would be a devastating blow to the local economy.

Inglis adds Brockton sympathizes with the Chesley community, noting it wasn't that long ago when Walkerton underwent its own Accommodation Review process.

Save Our School spokesperson Ron Oswald is pleased with Brockton's support.

He says it's important communities pull together to help each other in times of need.

Oswald says Chesley can't afford to lose its high school since it will impact everything from local businesses to property values to transportation costs.

The Save Our School Committee is hoping the Bluewater public school board turns Chesley District into a J-K to Grade 12 school.

Oswald agrees that Hanover needs a new high school, but says Chesley students shouldn't have to pay the price for this.

He says Hanover should go ahead with a new high school -- only scale down the project so it doesn't include Chesley High School students.

The next public ARC meeting is taking place Tuesday March 29th at the John Diefenbaker high school in Hanover.


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