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Friday, March 25, 2011

Meaford Mom Takes on Everest

Meaford | by Daryl Morris  

After endless training and preparation, Maggie Holmes is set to climb Mount Everest.

It's been a long time of training and preparation, and Meaford mom Maggie Holmes will finally take her first steps up Mount Everest.

Holmes flies into Nepal on Saturday and expects to begin her hike on Monday.

Holmes began her quest a year and a half ago, when she approached the Canadian Mental Health Association about raising money by doing this climb.

Her goal was to raise one dollar for every foot that Everest is high -- a goal of $29,035.

But she has surpassed that, and her total now stands at $29,300.

Holmes decided to climb Everest on the fifth anniversary of her son Ryan's death.

Ryan was just 20 when he took his own life.

Holmes says he had suffered from psychosis since he was 15 years old, and at the time, finding support was hard as they dealt with the stigma of mental health diseases.

She's hoping to remove barriers and raise money to bring more programs and awareness campaigns into our local schools.

Holmes says they've already made great strides with implementing Mental Health First Aid training in Georgian College.

Most of all, Holmes wants any other kids and parents going through this situation to know that there are supports out there, and that they are not alone.


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