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Friday, March 25, 2011

Bruce County Budget Set

Bruce County | by John Divinski  

Bruce County Corporate Services Committee approves 2011 budget with minimal hike.

Bruce County Corporate Services Committee has approved a 2011 budget for Bruce County - and it was almost a zero-based budget.

When all was said and done the bottom line indicated a 1.67 per cent increase on the tax levy was needed.

County treasurer Bettyanne Cobean says though when you factor in assessment growth of 1.52 per cent -- your actual increase is point 1-5 per cent.

To the taxpayer living in an average assessed home of 178 thousand dollars -- the increase at the county level will be 15 dollars which is less than half of what it was earlier this month after a budget meeting.

This does not include any municipal or education levies.

Cobean says they need just over 34.5 million dollars from the taxpayer -- an increase of 566-thousand dollars from last year.

Overall the county is looking at an estimated 93-million dollar budget -- operating and capital.

Warden Mike Smith of Saugeen Shores says he's happy with the budget saying the various county departments did the best they could in cutting back.

Smith says any further cutbacks would have seriously impacted programs and services provided by the county.

Included in the budget are wages for additional personnel for various departments but not the 15 that had been presented the last time.

The budget now goes to Bruce County council for final approval.


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