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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bruce Power Reviews Plans

Tiverton | by Jon Meyer  

Bruce Power is reviewing its nuclear safety plans as per request from CNSC.

Bruce Power is currently reviewing it's nuclear safety plans as per the request of Canada's Nuclear Safety regulator.

The Tiverton area plant is not alone.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission has ordered all Canadian nuclear power plants to undergo the review in the wake of Japan's current crisis.

Bruce Power Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Murray Elston says the CNSC asked them to focus their review on external hazards, like extreme weather events.

Elston says it's nothing new for Bruce Power, who is constantly reviewing their safety models and emergency preparedness protocols.

The CNSC has also asked that Bruce Power keep them in touch with what they're learning from the situation in Japan -- something Elston says is being done by all Nuclear plants in a collaborative effort.

Under the order, the CNSC asked that the review be done by the end of April.

As for Bruce Power's plan to truck 16 decommissioned steam generators through Bruce and Grey to be shipped to Sweden for recycling -- Elston says no firm timeline has been set.

Elston says they continue to prepare for the shipment, but right now there waiting for the results of two judicial reviews -- which he hopes will be in front of a federal court in the near future.

Elston was the keynote speaker at the Owen Sound Chamber of Commerce's Annual General Meeting on Tuesday night

Originally, Bruce Power President and CEO Duncan Hawthorne was slated to speak.

But Hawthorne flew to Atlanta on Tuesday to meet with the World Association of Nuclear Operators to study what they've learned so far from Japan's crisis.


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