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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maitland Valley Lists Priorities

Regional | by Travis Pedwell  

Conservation Authority has more trees in the south and less in the North.

The Maitland Valley Conservation Watershed is right dab in the middle.

This according to Terry Schwan of the Guelph District Forest Ministry of Natural Resources.

Schwan tells Bayshore Broadcasting News half the forests are in good shape, and the other half is in fair shape.

Schwan says comparing to the other watersheds in the area - the MVCA has more trees to those in the south and less then that in the North.

In Schwan's presentation he showed that we need to build on what we already have.

He says we can't afford to lose anymore natural forest.

Schwan tells us they want to plant a lot more trees and restore more areas.

Schwan has many priorities in 2011.

He says right now he is number crunching the amount of logging is happening.

He adds they have some other projects including trying to encourage others to plant trees.

Schwan's main message is to protect the Forest.

He says educating land owners is something that needs to continue.


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