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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snowmobile Trail Ressurection

Tiverton | by John Divinski  

A long-time snowmobile trail in the Tiverton arena complex may soon re-appear.

A long-time snowmobile trail that cut across the property at the Tiverton arena complex may soon re-appear.

Trail coordinator for the Bluewater Snowmobile Club Wayne Williams made a presentation to Kincardine Council recently asking for the trail to be ressurected.

He says they shut it down after council directed it so.

Council did that after receiving a letter from a Tiverton resident complaining about snowmobilers riding on the sidewalks in the village.

Williams says they were never contacted to resolve that problem and it eventually made it to a council agenda at which time the trail was ordered shut down.

Williams points out the trail has been in operation long before the sports complex was constructed in Tiverton, and the trail remained after the complex was built and after the soccer pitches were put in.

Council agreed that some things fell through the cracks and the trail should never have been shut down.

Mayor Larry Kraemer believes the problem is easy to solve.

Councillors urged Williams to work with municipal staff to straighten out the issue and re-open the trail before the winter season comes to an end.

The Bluewater Snowmobile Club has about 350 members.

Williams says the trail attracts out of town snowmobilers and that adds to the economy of Tiverton and Kincardine.


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