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Thursday, February 10, 2011

South Bruce Peninsula sees slow Construction start.

South Bruce Peninsula | by John Divinski  

Figures show only a handful of construction permits issued in January.

The building statistics are off to a slow start in South Bruce Peninsula.

Chief Building Official Wayne McFadden says only eight building permits were issued in January this year, compared to 13 last January.

The real difference is in the value.

This year the value is $184,500 while in January last year, the tally was $928,000.

McFadden says weather is big factor in the difference year to year.

This year, it's been a rough January for building while last January, it was mild and they issued among other things, 4 permits for septic tank installations.

McFadden says he's not concerned about the slow start at this point.

Comparing years, 2010 was a better year than 2009.

McFadden says 392 permits were issued all of last year worth 21.2 million dollars while in 2009, 383 permits were valued at 17.6 million.

He says 2011 will likely be an average year, much like 2009.

He says they'll have a better handle on what lies ahead at the Ontario Building Code Association for Bluewater District meeting coming up in Owen Sound as contractors unveil their plans.

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