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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rain Drops for Haiti

Walkerton | by Robyn Garvey  

Students at Sacred Heart High School raise funds for clean water in Haiti.

The importance of clean water is a lesson Walkerton students won't soon forget.

That is why students at Sacred Heart High School in Walkerton have rallied together to raise funds for the people of Haiti.

The students have just kicked off their ‘Rain Drops for Haiti’ project.

Students can purchase a paper rain drop for a dollar.

The monies raised will go towards a project in Haiti to provide clean water.

Student Trustee Matt McLean is confident Sacred Heart students will raise enough money to drill a well.

He says students are very enthusiastic about the project and eager to give.

McLean adds the Haiti project provides Walkerton students with a chance to give back.

He notes during Walkerton's own water crisis in 2000 -- the community was overwhelmed by support it received from communities across the globe.

McLean says it's time for Walkerton to give back.

And he adds this is the students chance to let the people of Haiti know they will not be forgotten.


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