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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Funds for Crystal Meth

Grey County | by Jonathon Jackson  

Grey County is being asked to throw more money at a growing crystal meth problem.

Grey County is being asked to throw some significant financial resources at a growing crystal meth problem.

The County's social services committee will consider a request for more funding for a local task force which is devoted to the problem.

Last year -- Grey County contributed 15 thousand dollars to the task force and had planned to increase that contribution to 25 thousand.

But County Council agreed to seek 40 thousand dollars from social services after learning from Hanover Mayor Kathi Maskell that Bruce County was prepared to do the same thing if Grey would match the figure.

Maskell and Meaford Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield are the County's representatives on the task force -- which is made up of politicians, health officials, law enforcement, social services directors and school board representatives.

Its goal is to establish a drug court day in the region and support the hiring of an advocate who can be in court with offenders and try to make contact with them for the purposes of rehabilitation.

Its previous work has included a workshop for local first responders, aiming to teach them how to deal with someone who is on crystal meth, because, as Maskell says, it is very different from other drugs.

Maskell says the drug was first noticed locally in the Hanover-Walkerton area about six years ago -- but is moving north and the number of users is growing despite the efforts of police and other agencies trying to fight it.

Crystal meth is attractive to users because it's fairly inexpensive.

And Maskell says that while many users in Grey-Bruce are people aged 40 and younger who are involved with local social services programs -- users here do cross all age and socio-economic lines.


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