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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lobb Wants to Stay Course

Regional | by Peter Jackson  

MP Ben Lobb says economy and Canada's role in Afghanistan will dominate in 2011

The Harper government looks to stay the course in 2011 as it continues to concentrate on the economic recovery.

The Conservatives now hold the record for maintaining a minority government longer than any other in Canadian history.

Huron-Bruce Tory MP Ben Lobb says Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is taking a high-profile position in the opening months of the New Year.

He says the government is focused on delivering a budget likely in March for which consultations are ongoing -- both in our own area and nationwide.

Lobb says the time for stimulus programs is past and it's time to put Canadians back to work.

He points to lower corporate taxes which allow companies to hire new workers.

400-thousand new jobs have been created across Canada in the past 18 months largely due to a revamped tax structure for employers.

Lobb says 2011 will mark the start of an important new chapter in the history of the conflict in Afghanistan.

He says the Harper government and the Canadian Forces look forward to the end of Canada's combat role in the conflict and turning over defence responsibilities to the Afghans themselves.

Lobb says Canada can take a leadership role in helping to rebuild and develop Afghanistan through 2014.

He says a strong Afghanistan will stabilize the region which is an important goal for all NATO member nations.


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