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Friday, May 29, 2020

Fraudster Uses Former Mount Forest OPP Detachment Number To Scam Resident

North Wellington | by Bayshore News Staff  

Victim loses $2K after being contact from number from someone claiming to be a police officer.

Provincial Police say a fraudster scammed a North Wellington resident out of $2,000 by using the former Mount Forest OPP Detachment telephone number.

OPP say they received a report Wednesday afternoon from a victom who was contacted by a person claiming to be a police officer from the number.

Police say the fraudster told the victim she was being investigated for having multiple bank accounts and hacking into others. The victim was told the only way to protect her money was to drain her account and purchase prepaid VISA cards and provide the male fraudster with the numbers.

The victim lost $2,000 from the scam.

OPP say the suspected used the name of David Campbell and spoke with an East Indian accent.

Wellington County OPP say it has received reports of two similar type incident and want people to be aware this is a fraud.

"Remember - the OPP does not conduct investigations then solicit money - EVER. This includes gift cards and prepaid VISA / Mastercards," a release from police explains.

Police say suspects will be extremely demanding and persuasive on the phone and will use computer generated apps to make it look like they are calling from legitimate businesses - such as the OPP.

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