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Saturday, May 23, 2020

West Grey Police Report Recent Scams

West Grey | by Claire McCormack  

Police say one scam involved a person paying $1,000 for a puppy they never received.

West Grey Police are reporting a number of scams in the community in past couple of weeks.
Police say on May 9th, they received an attempted fraud report from an elderly woman living in Durham. Police say she was asked to buy $1,000 worth of Google Play cards by a phone scammer claiming to be a representative from her bank.  

West Grey police say they can't emphasize strongly enough that a bank will not ask you to make a purchase to confirm any suggested compromise of your accounts or financial cards.

On May 12th, Police received a report of another attempted fraud. This one, a call from someone purporting to be with Publisher's Clearing House and requesting money be sent so the prize could be claimed. Police say Publisher's Clearing House is legitimate but will never phone a winner.  
They note, all contact with winners is made by certified mail or in person and the prize is included and police say there is never an up front  fee to collect your prize.

Then on May 14th, a West Grey resident reported a scam involving puppies posted for sale. police say it's unlikely the victim will be able to retrieve over $1000.00 that was sent by e-transfer. West Grey police say their investigation into the matter is continuing.


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