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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Thousands Could Die from Virus in Coming Months

National | by Jill Young  

Some grim figures from Canadian health officials on the state of the COVID-19 situation.

Canada’s Health officials say thousands of people across the country could die of COVID 19 within the coming months.

That figure is with strong control measures, with no control measures, up to 80% of Canadians could get the virus.

Federal numbers show that if 2.5 percent of the population got COVID-19, 11-thousand people could die, and if that doubles to 5 percent, 22-thousand deaths would be expected.

The agency warns that any of the outcomes depends very much on how Canadians behave to keep it from spreading.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today this is our new normal until a vaccine is established.

He says they expect the initial peak in late spring with the end of the first wave in summer.

Trudeau warns there could be new outbreaks after that, but warned that the path we take is up to us, that we are controlling the way things go with our distancing measures.


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