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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

No Renting Of Cottages In South Bruce Peninsula

South Bruce Peninsula | by Claire McCormack  

The Province has ordered the prohibition of short term rentals in order to discourage travel & fight COVID-19.

The Town of South Bruce Peninsula says people with properties in Sauble Beach and around the municipality are not to rent out their cottages to people.

This comes after the Ontario government issued an order prohibiting short term rentals. That includes renting through a third party broker like VRBO, Airbnb or other cottage rental companies.

The only exception is for those who have no other home, which the Province says must be proven.

Meanwhile, campgrounds are now closed. People can only stay there if it's the only residence in Canada they have.  

South Bruce Peninsula recently hired Owen Sound based James Special Services to enforce bylaws on Sauble beach. They will now be enforcing Provincial Orders throughout the municipality.

The Town also has use of the OPP. Jackson notes the security service has been given emergency powers by the Province to ticket people in violation of those orders the same way police do.

The Town points out fines can go as high as $100,000 for an individual, $500,000 for a director or officer of a corporation and $10 million for a corporation. They say jail for up to a year is also possible.

When it comes to cottage owners, Jackson says they are part of the town but are not allowed to rent out their properties. She says the Town has sent letters explaining the order to real estate companies and cottage rental brokers but are still working to get the word out to all the independent people who have them as investment properties and rent them out.

Meanwhile, she says if a cottage owner is staying at the cottage they're asked to stay there and not be driving from their hometown to the cottage and back, "Pick one property and stop travelling, because that's where the danger lies," says Jackson.

The Town adds a reminder that outdoor fires are banned.

They say the number to call if someone is going against a Provincial Order is 226-910-1322 ext. 1

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