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Friday, March 13, 2020

Brockton Using Grant Money For Efficiency Review

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

$175,000 for a “Modernization and Efficiencies Review” to take place in Brockton.

In a narrow 3-2 decision, Brockton has decided to accept grant dollars from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing designed to seek out efficiencies.

The Province has authorized funding up to 175 thousand dollars for a “Modernization and Efficiencies Review” to take place in Brockton.

However not everyone on Council is on board with accepting the funding.

Councillor Tim Elphick believes this Ministry money would be better spent striving forward to reach tangible goals for Brockton rather than seeking out efficiencies, something he says Municipal staff already do year after year.

Elphick says “Let’s be clear on what the money is for, the money is for a third-party review, a privateer, who is in the business of writing reports for municipalities; and that is not what this Council is about.”

He says “it should be about public services and ensuring that the services we deliver here in Brockton are the best that it can be”.

Elphick adds he has full confidence in staff to ensure that this is taking place each and every day in Brockton.

He notes that even though the efficiency review will be finance by the Province, it will take up a lot of staff time, thus adding to their workload and priorities.

Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak however views the funding dollars as an opportunity to assist Brockton in planning for the future as the Municipality is projecting a potential population growth of twenty percent

Gieruszak believes Brockton could benefit from some external expertise in terms of planning wisely for that growth.

Mayor Chris Peabody is cautious about the modernization funding and as such, Council has stipulated that before hiring a consultant to take this task, a report on how this efficiency review will be conducted by the consultant must come back to Council for approval.

Peabody says there is only one taxpayer and even though this is Ministry funded, Councillors have a duty to make sure that taxpayers receive the best value for their dollar.

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