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Friday, March 6, 2020

Next Week Brucelea Haven in Walkerton Will Again Take Admissions

Walkerton | by John Divinski  

A provincial order halted admissions in 2019 until compliance concerns were addressed.

Next Friday is Friday the 13th but for Brucelea Haven Long Term Care officials in Walkerton, it's going to be a lucky day.

The Acting Director of Long Term Care for the county Jill Knowlton says on Friday the 13th, they will begin taking admissions at the facility for the first since last summer.

The home has 144 beds and 32 of those have remained unoccupied because of the provincial order to halt admissions until compliance concerns were addressed.

Knowlton says opening the beds will get some new residents in the home and relieve the strain on hospitals, some of which are dealing with "hallway health care."

Patients will be admitted, 3-a-week, until the beds are full.

Knowlton says in this way, they can focus on getting new residents settled in their new surroundings safely.

There are 55 people on the waiting list.

Chair of the Homes Committee, County Councillor Chris Peabody says it's been a long road but he thanks everyone who worked hard to make this happen.

He says "We gotta make sure this momentum is sustained.  No room for complacency.  We're not going to slip back."

By the way, both Jill Knowlton and Chris Peabody say neither is superstitious and Friday the 13th will be a banner day for Brucelea Haven.

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