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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Hanover Hospital Aims To Address Need For Organ Donations In Ontario

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Hanover Hospital is preparing to become an organ and tissue “Identify and Transfer” site.

Ontario leads the nation in organ donation registration rates, however the need for organ donors remains great.

Close to 16 hundred people across Ontario are on the waiting list for an organ transplant.

Trillium Gift of Life Network, Ontario’s organ and tissue donation agency Vice President of Clinical Donation Services Janet MacLean says this waiting list could be reduced if more embraced organ and tissue donations.

She says one donor can provide up to 8 organ donations and 75 tissue donations.

Last year in Ontario, she says 382 donors provided over 1 thousand life-saving transplants for patients.

The Hanover and District Hospital is working with Trillium Gift of Life Network as it prepares to go live as an organ and tissue “Identify and Transfer” site in the coming weeks.  (sometime in March)

As an Identify and Transfer site, physicians will notify Trillium Gift of Life Network of potential organ and tissue donors.

If Trillium deems a patient is medically suitable for organ donation, Trillium staff will be sent on site to speak to the patient and family about organ donation and if consent is provided the patient will be transferred to another facility for donor management and organ and multi-tissue recovery.

MacLean says often when a person is able to be an organ donor it brings great comfort to their loved ones.

In Ontario 34% of people have registered as an organ donor, MacLean says while this is good, she would like to see that hit the 50% rate.

In Hanover the rate is higher than the provincial average with 44% of residents registered as an organ donor.

MacLean notes that there are half a dozen people in the Hanover and surrounding area who have benefitted from organ donations over the last few years.  (1 heart, 3 kidney and 2 liver transplants.)

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