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Monday, March 2, 2020

Phone Scam Warning in Shelburne

Shelburne | by Jill Young  

Shelburne Police warn people about a scam similar to the "grandparent scam".

Shelburne Police is warning about a phone scam making the rounds.

The scam isn't new, but tugs on the heartstrings.

Police say the suspect will pretend to be a child or grandchild in a frightening situation and tricks the victim over the phone into giving them money.

Police say the person tells them they were in a serious accident and need money and another man gets on the phone and says he's a lawyer and requests bail money be sent to a specific bank account.

The lawyer identifies himself as "Raymond Porter".

Shelburne Police Service Media Officer PC Jennifer Roach says that this scam is a variation of the Grandparent scam and warns that these people may already know your name and the names of people in your family. 

What you should do if you get the phone call:

-Do not send the money or give any further information.
-Hang up and call the person who is supposedly in trouble or other family to find out what is going on.
-Report the scam to your local police AND 
-The Canadian Centre for Anti-Fraud  1 888 495-8501 or

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