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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Southampton Subdivision Approved By County

Bruce County | by John Divinski  

County council endorses 39-unit build; Saugeen Shores Mayor calls for policy to demand affordable units in future.

The Bruce County Planning and Development Committee has approved a 39-townhouse subdivision in Southampton, next to the Southampton Golf and Country Club.

The plan is to include 6 units as affordable housing.

At the January 23rd committee meeting, county councillor and Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau says he supports the Southampton subdivision but the county needs to create a policy where affordable unit construction can be demanded, in future applications.

Unless the municipalities have the tools to demand affordable rental units, developers are not going to offer them.

Charbonneau says if he was a developer, he wouldn't either and yet, affordable units can be profitable.

The county and municipal plans just need to have, in writing, the demand for such accommodation.

Charbonneau says "We could demand they (the developers) build more affordable housing but we don't have the force them to do that.  All we have is moral suasion and a bully pulpit to try to demand it.  We can get a little bit but not enough."

The Director of Planning and Development Kara Van Myall says a home discussion paper is moving forward as part of Plan the Bruce and should be brought to the committee before Spring.

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