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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Paul McQueen Draws Grey County Warden for 2020

Grey County | by Cody Misner  

Through luck of the draw McQueen won the position of Grey County Warden for 2020.

2019 Grey County Warden (Left) Passing on the mantle to 2020 Warden Paul McQueen (Right) 

With a tie vote and a lucky draw Grey Highlands Mayor Paul McQueen is the Grey County Warden for 2020. 

Three nominees were put forward on Tuesday night.

McQueen, 2019's Warden Selwyn Hicks who is also the Deputy Mayor of Hanover and Mayor of West Grey Christine Robinson. 

McQueen was nominated by Chatsworth Mayor Scott Mackey, Hicks by Owen Sound Mayor Ian Boddy and Robinson by Meaford Deputy Mayor Shirley Keaveney.

Before a vote could be cast Robinson politely declined to run for warden this year.

That left McQueen and Hicks running for the position. 

When it came time to vote each member of council's vote was cast secretly. 

When the clerk came back, she announced a tie.

This tie lead to each name being written on a separate but equal sized piece of paper and placed into a wooden box. 

At this time the County CAO picked a name from the box, through luck of the draw McQueen won the position of Grey County Warden for 2020.

During his inauguration speech he spoke of his desire to address affordable housing in the county and a commitment to the growth of Owen Sound specifically. 

He also took a moment to thank his wife and three sons, even presenting his wife with a dozen roses. 

Speaking to McQueen afterwards during an interview says that it will be important for Grey County to evaluate itself on the world stage as a place to grow.

"Blue Mountains is the doorway and we are the living room as the rest of the county, "McQueen states on the topic of drawing growth, "we have so much potential to bring the world to Grey County."

McQueen also spoke of his desire to see Owen Sound build upon its waterfront in a similar manner to Collingwood. 

For now County Councilor Selwyn Hicks, he will adopt the role of Deputy Warden. 

Hicks says that he is looking forward to regular council duties but says he was disappointed by the way in which he lost. 

"We would prefer to go down by a proper vote," Hicks says "but that's our system we have and we have to respect it and that's how democracy played itself out tonight."

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