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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

OPP Warn About SIM Card Scam

Regional | by Claire McCormack  

Police say fraudsters will impersonate you, say youlost your phone, get a new one under your name and steal from you.

OPP are warning everyone about a SIM card scam.
They say they've been getting reports recently about what's called SIM swapping and phone number porting.

What happens is a fraudster will impersonate you to get access to your mobile account and claim that your phone has been lost or stolen.

Your phone number is then linked to a new SIM card and phone that the fraudster controls.

They then download the most popular apps and select the 'Forgot Password' button on all of them.

If an account is associated to your phone number or email address, the fraudster will receive a verification code.

They will then use this code to confirm ownership of the account, create their own password and take over your accounts.

Police warn this gives fraudsters access to your email, social media and bank accounts.
From there, they gain direct access to your personal information, calendar, contacts and money.

OPP say, "Fraudsters may empty your bank accounts, apply for credit in your good name, or impersonate you to defraud your entire contact list. In the meantime, you lose access to your mobile service, are typically locked out of all your accounts, and are left scrambling."

Police say some ways you can avoid this are by doing the following:

Keep your personal information personal. Don't publish your date of birth on social media.

Do not answer phishing emails or text messages looking for you to confirm your password or update your account information.

Use an offline password manager.

Contact your phone provider and ask about additional security measures that may be available.

If you lose mobile service on your device, contact your service provider immediately. Go with your gut. If a message seems fishy it probably is.


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