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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Consultant Makes Final Presentation on Policing

Orangeville | by Jill Young  

Orangeville Council heard the Pomax Consulting final presentation on Monday November 26th.

The big policing decision comes down in Orangeville soon.

Monday December 2nd, the decision to stay with Orangeville Police or switch to OPP services in town -- will be made.

Pomax Consulting made a final presentation to council Monday November 26th.

The consultant's report says there is no information or evidence to suggest that there would be a decline in performance to high priority calls, if the town were to go with the OPP.

If the Town was to make the switch to OPP, transition costs in 2020 would be an additional 7.2 million dollars, but would save 1.6 million dollars the year after, when compared to the expected budget of Orangeville Police.

If there was a decision to keep Orangeville Police Services, the consultant says it could cost taxpayers about $58 million more - by 2036.

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