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Monday, November 25, 2019

Saugeen Shores To Discuss Chamber Grant

Saugeen Shores | by John Divinski  

The Town and the Chamber of Commerce may transition some responsibilities.

The Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce grant money from the municipality for 2020 is on hold until a detailed budget is presented.

The item came up during draft operating budget discussions on November 19th.

The budget line is in the town's Promotion section at $171,500.

Aside from the number, the town has no further explanation of how the money will be used.

Saugeen Shores Mayor Luke Charbonneau says "You can't approve spending a bunch of money without seeing what it's going to be spent on.  That's just reasonable management of taxpayer money."

The amount is the same as was approved for 2019 and according to budget sheets, as of October, all of that money has been spent.

Mayor Charbonneau says the town can't approve the 2020 money based on one line in the budget.

He says they need to see where the money is going to go.

Charbonneau hopes the Chamber will come forward with a detailed budget.

The Chamber and the town are in what are called transition talks where ultimately the municipality will take over more responsibility in such areas as tourism, although no decisions have been made yet.

Charbonneau says it doesn't mean it's the end of Chamber/municipality cooperation.

He says he still wants a partnership but it might look a little different and therefore the money moving back and forth may look a little different too.

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