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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Huron County Rejects Costly Homeless Cab Service

Huron County | by Peter Jackson  

County council votes down $188,000 taxi service, which would bring homeless to Goderich winter shelter.

Huron County Council says a more meaningful approach to homelessness is needed, than funding taxis to take people to the Out of the Cold shelter in Goderich.

A proposal to spend $180 thousand to bring homeless people from across the County to Goderich this winter has been rejected, in favour of exploring more viable options.

The report contained several ways of transporting the homeless to Goderich, including the use of the van operated by the Huronview Home for the Aged.

Use of the accessible Huronview van would be limited because of small seating space, and resident needs for the vehicle for other purposes including rides to medical appointments.

County Warden Jim Ginn wonders if spending $188 thousand for taxis is a worthwhile use of the money, and whether it would be of value to homeless people.

Ginn says homelessness is a serious issue, and Council has indicated it wants a more permanent solution to the issue.

He mentions that moves are being made in South Huron, to address the homelessness issue in the Exeter area.

County staff will explore alternatives to the proposed taxi service, and report to Council.

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