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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Hanover Gets A Fire Drone

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Drone can be used to identify hot spots or help in search and rescue operations.

Photo From Twitter @ChiefDentinger 

The Hanover Fire Department has an exciting new tool to aid in fire, rescue and search operations.

The Fire Department is the proud owner of a specialized drone that Fire Chief Jeff Dentinger says could very well prove lifesaving.

He says the technology increases firefighter safety significantly; as the drone is equipped with a thermal imaging camera and can fly ahead, identify hot spots and provide firefighters with a more accurate visual of just what they are dealing with.

From a search and rescue perspective, Dentinger says the drone can help identify lost children as well as assist in search and water rescue operations. The Grey Highlands Fire Department also purchased a similar drone this Fall and Brockton plans to make a drone purchase for its fire department in 2020.

Hanover, Grey Highlands and Brockton Fire Departments recently participated in a cross-training exercise with a drone to ensure that enough firefighters on each department are qualified to pilot the drones.

Dentinger says the drone will provide a valuable resource for the local fire departments as well as great tool to other communities through the mutual fire aid service.

This means if one of the fire departments is battling a blaze, firefighters from one of the other departments trained to pilot a drone will be able to come in and fly the drone overhead while the firefighters on the ground work on fire suppression.

Dentinger is excited about this new technology and what an asset it will be for his fire department.

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