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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Brockton Brockton Joins Municipal Innovation Council

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Council aims to boost business through collaboration, strategic thinking & innovation.

Brockton is the latest municipality to join the Municipal Innovation Council.

This means six of the Bruce County's eight municipalities are now on board with this very new venture.

This three year pilot project is a partnership with the Nuclear Innovation Institute and is open to all Bruce County municipalities.

The goal of the Municipal Innovation Council is to transform the way municipalities do business through collaboration, strategic thinking and innovative solutions.

The promise is that by working together as a team the partners will leverage learning and discover efficiencies in order build smarter, stronger and more resilient communities.

As the host community of the Nuclear Innovation Institute, the Town of Saugeen Shores has taken the lead on this project and is actively lobbying Bruce County municipalities to join.

So far Saugeen Shores, South Bruce Peninsula, Huron-Kinloss, South Bruce, Kincardine and Brockton have signed on.

Saugeen Shores Manager of Strategic Initiatives Jessica Linthorne says the MIC will have four areas of focus:

Construction and Infrastructure, Digital Services, Municipal Sustainability and Livable Communities

The funding model for the MIC includes a 12 thousand dollar annual membership fee, plus $2.50 per household due annually.

For Brockton this works out to be a $22,630 annual commitment for a total investment of almost 68 thousand dollars over the three year pilot project.

Brockton plans to finance their MIC fees through one time efficiency/modernization grant dollars that the province has provided municipalities with.

Deputy Mayor Dan Gieruszak calls it a smart investment saying this is all about creating an opportunity through cooperation to look at applications and technology that is available around the world and use it to deliver services more effectively.

In essence the collaborative partnership combined with the resources of the Nuclear Innovation Institute will help level the playing field between urban and rural municipalities.

The MIC will have access at no charge to Nuclear Innovation Institute resources, including their innovation teams and world renowned researchers.

The collectively funded position of MIC Lab Director will leverage NII resources to implement solutions for common municipal challenges. 

These challenges can range from affordable house and transportation to strategizing ways to best access new technologies, exploring service sharing opportunities and leadership training possibilities.

Linthorne hopes to have all eight Bruce County municipalities join the MIC before the end of the year.

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