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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fairy Lake in Southampton Might Sparkle this Christmas

Southampton | by John Divinski  

Organizers want to start small this year, around the bandshell but would like to expand each year

G.C. Huston Presenters 

G. C. Huston school students and teachers want to light up the Fairy Lake nature trail, especially at Christmas.

Teacher Enid Johnston says it's time to use the Fairy Lake trail in Southampton, all year long.

Johnston and co-presenter Brenda Elliott say lighting up the area with Christmas displays could really build into something big over the years.

Elliott says the idea came to her last year, during the Santa Claus Parade in which the school participates.

She says Fairy Lake is a "hidden treasure and should be lit up for Christmas."

She says they've surveyed people that live near and around Fairy Lake and there were no negatives expressed.

Johnston says they would start small this year, around the bandshell but would like to expand each year until the trail is lit up, like displays at the Festival of Northern Lights in Owen Sound.

Councillors liked the idea and urged the presenters to continue talking to staff about what needs to be done to have the first display ready by this year's Santa Claus parade, December 6th.

G. C. Huston students Tessa Busch and Blair Elliott, both Grade 8 students and Grade 7 students Scarlett Lablanc and Robin Acton also assisted with the presentation Monday night, October 28th.

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