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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Hanover Defers 2020 Council Planning Session

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Police board chair asks for deferral due to biased numbers used in Planning session report.

Hanover Council has deferred approving the minutes of the recent 2020 Council Planning Session at the request of the Hanover Police Services Board Chair.

In a letter to Council, Police Services Board Chair Don Smith expressed concerns that the numbers used in the Planning session report in regards to policing were biased and in need of correction.

He notes that the policing numbers were put together without input from either the Police Chief or the Police Services Board.

To remedy this Council has agreed to allow the Police Chief and a representative of the Police Services Board sit down with Town staff to work on a revised report that will come back to Council for approval at a later date.

In the original report staff noted with the amalgamation discussions with West Grey suspended, the need for prudent fiscal management of our police services and exploring options for policing services is more important now than ever.

Policing costs continue to be Hanover's biggest budgetary challenge. Hanover policing costs account for 33 cents of every dollar collected for municipal purposes.

In the original 2020 Council Planning Session report, staff note that the amount paid for policing, in light of ever increasing costs in other areas, continues to reduce the ability to pay for basic municipal services and/or fund new initiatives or opportunities.

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