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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Group Celebrates Victory to Save Olde Town Hall

Dundalk | by Jill Young  

Steps are being taken to secure a government grant for a project to save the Olde Town Hall in Dundalk.

A group of residents approached town council Wednesday night to try and save Dundalk Olde Town Hall.

A public meeting was held where council listened to input from a group of citizens that want to save the hall.

The community is trying to source funding to renovate the historic hall, and turn it into a place for performing and visual arts, with some meeting space.

They believe the Olde Town Hall is a strong building, but will need some fire and electrical upgrades, and other minor improvements.

Southgate Mayor John Woodbury says the building does need some proper weight support renovations as well.

Woodbury says a resolution brought forward by staff was that they not put more money into it and look at other options, but they have decided to apply for the Canada Infrastructure Program grant from the federal and provincial governments.

He says it might take until the spring until they find out if it's approved.

Samantha Parent with the group trying to save it, says council's decision to move forward with the grant request is a huge victory for them and it's a win for the entire community.

She says they're looking forward to start to get fundraising and get sponsorships for the project.

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