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Thursday, October 3, 2019

Climate Change Dominates Huron-Bruce Debate In Port Elgin

Port Elgin | by John Divinski  

Several issues discussed in all-candidates meeting Wednesday, most prominent involving climate change.

Climate change; proportional representation; helping veterans and immigration were just some of the topics discussed at the latest Huron Bruce all candidates meeting, held in Saugeen Shores.

With many questions from the floor on Wednesday night, the most prevalent one was what the candidates and their parties are doing to address Climate Change.

People's Party of Canada representative, Kevin Klerks says his party's platform on the subject is simple, but first "the hysteria" about the issue has to come to an end and then start talking about solutions.

Klerks believes answers may lie in the old saying, "Reduce, reuse and recycle" with everyone making a concerted effort.

Incumbent Conservative MP Ben Lobb says his party has three guiding principles to address the issue.

Although short on details, Lobb says "We have green technology....we have the natural environment and expanding the great story that Canada has to tell with environmentally-friendly oil and gas, around the world."

He says people want the parties to have environmental platforms and he's "proud" of the plan put forward by the Conservatives.

Tony McQuail of the NDP says it's time to stop talking about making progress on Climate Change but actually making some progress.

McQuail says his party would set clear targets to be met that would be legislated and followed up by audits.

He also says they would set up a "Climate Bank that would invest in creative things across the country so that you could have local social and ecological climate initiatives."

Carrying the Liberal banner is Allan Thompson who says Climate Change is a real problem on the planet and he believes his party has tangible ways to deal with it.

He goes on to say most economists believe "putting a price on carbon is one of the most efficient convince people to move in the right direction."

To that end, part of the Liberal climate change plan is "massive tax cuts for corporations that are willing to invest in innovative green technology.  We will reward you for moving in the right direction."

Green Party candidate Nicholas Wendler did not attend the all-candidates meeting but had an opening statement that was read by a volunteer.

"Greens have a plan that will reduce Green House Gases to 60% below 2005 levels (almost double that of the other parties plans) to keep temperatures to 1.5 degrees that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports is required to avert real climate catastrophe.
Our plan Mission: Possible includes carbon pricing on all sources of carbon dioxide pollution. It includes making all buildings - residential, commercial, and industrial - more energy efficient. Mission: Possible  involves moving to renewable energy by 2030, away from fossil fuels."

The all candidates meeting was sponsored by the Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce, with participation from the Canadian Federation of University Women, Southport, and 98 the Beach.

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