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Friday, September 27, 2019

Search For Woman Missing Since 1988 In Kincardine

Kincardine | by Claire McCormack  

A group of community members will search for the remains of Lois Hanna this weekend.

A search for a woman who has been missing since 1988 will take place in the Kincardine area this weekend.

25 year old Lois Hanna disappeared from her Kincardine home after the July 3rd  festival "Celebrate In '88" at the Lucknow Arena.

Please Bring Me Home Founder Nick Oldrieve says just south of Holyrood, a large-scale search is set to take place using human remains detection dogs on Friday and a public search on Saturday and Sunday. (27, 28, 29)

Please Bring Me Home is a small, local organization run by Oldrieve and Matthew Nopper. They are civilians who look for people who have been missing for a long period of time.

Oldrieve says on that night 31 years ago, Hanna left the arena at 11:45 p.m. and arrived home roughly half an hour later at about 12:15 a.m. on July 4.

She was reported missing after she didn't show up at work at MacG's in Kincardine the next day.

In a description of what's known on the Please Bring Me Home website, Oldrieve says the police investigation found Hanna's burgundy and grey 1987 Pontiac Grand Am parked in her driveway.

He says police found the television playing and a half-finished cup of tea on her kitchen counter. The pink outfit she wore to the dance was hung up in her closet. Her purse and keys were where she always kept them.

He says the police investigation found a peach nightgown and matching robe was missing from her home.

Oldrieve notes police didn't find signs of a struggle other than two drops of blood on a wall near the side door.

The theory is she was either followed home from the dance or someone was watching her home.

Oldrieve says over 200 people have volunteered to search for Hanna so far, "It's much more than I ever anticipated."

People are also donating food and equipment for the search. He says more people are welcome. Oldrieve asks that people send a note through email or Facebook if they plan to come, but adds he won't turn away anyone who just shows up to help, "The more the better. We'll find a way to organize it no matter how many people show up."

Oldrieve says the search is taking place because his organization received information a scream was heard that night in 1988. He says a concession north of where the scream was heard, someone reported seeing a female in a nightgown.

"Now that we have that, coupled with it never being searched, and close to where this female was seen in a nightgown and close to where a bra was found, and there are a couple of other things that are very significant to Lois' case," Oldrieve says it prompted him to do a search.

That search will take place near Bruce Road 1 and Kairshea Avenue (869 Kairshae Avenue).

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