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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

First All Candidates Meeting Held in Owen Sound Sees Tame Discussion On Climate

Owen Sound | by Cody Misner  

Canada's next federal election will be October 21st 2019.

Left to right: Chris Stephens NDP, Micheal Den Tandt Liberal, Alex Ruff PC, William Townsend PPC, Danielle Valiquette Green.  

Tuesday night saw five local candidates running to be MP of Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound meet at the Harmony Centre in Owen Sound for a discussion surrounding their various party's stances on climate issues.

All federal candidates were in attendance except Libertarian candidate Dan Little.

They discussed topics such as climate change, party policies and stances on the federal carbon tax and answered questions from the community.

One thing each candidate agreed on was that climate change is a real issue. Where the waters got murky is whether or not we are in a climate emergency.

NDP candidate Chris Stephen, Liberal Michael Den Tandt and the Green Party's Danielle Valiquette all agreed  immediate action has to be taken.

Conservative Alex Ruff maintained the Conservative Party agrees climate change is real but he relies on "fact based evidence" to create his opinion on the severity of climate change.

Maxime Bernier’s new federal party, The People's Party of Canada's candidate William Townsend states although climate change is a reality the severity is distorted by various groups and individuals such as the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which he accused of pushing a globalist agenda.

Candidates then answered community questions, some of the topics brought up included homelessness and the opioid crisis as well as affordable housing which resulted in a unanimous agreement that Grey and Bruce should reconsider residential zoning by-laws.

The meeting wasn't without it's share of jabs between parties. Den Tandt referred to the Green Party climate plan as impossible and warned that a conservative government would emanate the actions of Doug Ford and Stephen Harper.

Both the NDP and Conservative candidates picked apart the current liberal carbon tax and the Green Party called out other party's for not going beyond the reduced emissions target outlined in the Paris Accords.

Speaking to each candidate with the exception of Alex Ruff who left before an interview could be done, they all felt that the discussions had been productive and informative.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to kick off the election season today at 10am when he asks the Governor General to dissolve parliament.

Canada's next federal election will be October 21st 2019.

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