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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Walkerton Manufacturing Plant is Celebrating 100 Years

Walkerton | by John Divinski  

Revenues for the business are around 24-million-dollars annually.

Larsen & Shaw Limited has been family-owned since 1919 and employs around 100 people at its 93,000 square foot facility on Durham Street, West in Walkerton.

Owner Steve Larsen says there's a reason for its 100-years of success, stating top notch employees coupled with a high-caibre management team has created the legacy over the years and survived some tough times in the 1990's and early 2,000's.

He says "We manufacture hinges for the most part. 95% of our product line is hinges.  The other 5% is metal stampings."

Revenues for the business are around 24-million-dollars annually.

Larsen says the firm is committed to Walkerton but has gone international as well.

A 7-person manufacturing plant opened up in 2017 in Rome, Georgia to service that section of the U. S.

In addition, they are starting to enhance their profile in Mexico.

However Larsen says expansion is being done to consolidate their position in Walkerton, "Anything we do internationally, we want to make sure that Walkerton is strengthened by those moves."

Bruce County Warden Mitch Twolan says "Larsen & Shaw is a true success story for our local economy. The company trains local workers, who design, build, and maintain every aspect of production,"

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