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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Brockton Wants Trail & Intersection Study

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Brockton is petitioning the County of Bruce for help with pedestrian safety.

Brockton is petitioning the County of Bruce for help with pedestrian safety.

Traveling Walkerton's scenic Saugeen River Trail is a popular passtime for many, but as Mayor Chris Peabody explains there is an increasing safety concern for those who do.

The concern involves the intersection of Durham Road and McNab street where the trail crosses the busy highway.  (in front of Tim Hortons by the County Road 4 Bridge)

Brockton Council believes the busy intersection is in need of a traffic light or some form of traffic control for pedestrians.

Because Durham Street is part of the County of Bruce County Road system (County Road 4), Brockton is looking to the County for help in this matter.

As such, Brockton Council has passed a motion urging the County of Bruce to conduct a traffic study at the intersection of McNab Street and Durham Street to determine the suitability of the installation of traffic lights to improve the safety at the intersection and to provide a crossing for the Saugeen River Trail.

Councillor Steve Adams believes Brockton’s request has real merit.

He has spoken to a number of trail users who have expressed serious safety concerns when crossing at this very busy intersection.

Adams says something needs to be done, as the traffic situation seems to be getting worse for pedestrians.

The McNab and Durham Street intersection which links the Saugeen River Trail system is located in front of the Walkerton Tim Hortons by the County 4 Bridge on the east side of Walkerton.

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